Thursday, November 4, 2010

Garden images - Strophanthus gratus ( Cream fruit)

A vigorous shrub, hardy and seldom diseased. It has a semi-climbing habit. The plant bears close clusters of attractive, large, funnel-shaped pink flowers. The flower buds are waxy and dark crimson in colour. A very characteristic feature of the flower is the presence of scale-like appendages on the throat of the funnel. The plant flowers frequently and quite continuous in sunny situations.

I manage to propagate this plant by woody cuttings. This plant is seldom seen planted on Sarawak roadsides or gardens. I suggest that this plant be re-introduced in urban landscape designs.

Location : Zone C ( behind chalet)

Syn. Roupellia grata
Family - Apocynaceae
Origin : Tropical Africa

Reference : Ministry of Law and National Development, Singapore , "Selected Plants and Planting for a Garden City".

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