Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hole through heliconia

The bright orange bracts of the Heliconia psittacorum ( Parrot Flower) is seen together with the " Bleeding Heart Vine" flowers ( Clerodendrum thomsoniae ). Note the rich humus and organic matter that make the forest floor.

I'm still working out at the Mid Hill footpath. What an amazing surprise today was when I saw the stem of the Heliconia latispatha ( see inset) protruding out from an old tree stump. This shows how vigorous the rhizomes of the heliconias can be. Previously, I planted heliconias near the rotting trunk. Apparently one managed to sneak underneath it and push through the stump. Now this gives me much inspiration on how to present or display heliconias in future which I call " Hole through Heliconia" presentation or 3H in short.

The Mid Hill footpath houses many varieties of heliconia. Another example is the Heliconia psittacorum commonly referred to as the Parrot Flower or the False Bird of Paradise as shown in the top picture.

Heliconias are one of my favourite for cut flowers. It is always advisable to plant a few species of heliconia in the garden because they provide colour all year round.

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