Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome in says Arundina

This is the entrance to my Kambatik Botanic Garden. The Bamboo Orchid ( Arundina graminifolia ) is seen on the left of the entrance gate, amidst grasses.

It was just about 3-4 months ago that I notice two stands or clumps of the terrestrial orchid Arundina graminifolia showing its presence by the entrance of the farm. This morning I couldn't resist the temptation to take a second look at this very common orchid. The Bamboo orchid gets its name from the slender narrow grass-like leaves resembling bamboo leaves. For that matter it is also referred to as Arundina bambusaefolia, but the oldest name graminifolia ( grass-leaved ) stays.
One characteristics of the Bamboo Orchid is that it flower a little all the time. Their dainty flowers , mauve or white and yellow on the lip are very attractive. I used them occasionally as cut flowers if you want to get the 'minimal effect'. It is very easy to grow in our tropical garden and please don't have any home without it.
Over my road travel throughout the length and breath of Sarawak in the last three years I find that this orchid species is prevalent on both sides of the Pan-Borneo Highway for about 400 kilometers from Bintulu to Sri Aman. It is as common as the long grasses we see after the road shoulders of the highway. In the good old tin mining days in West Malaysia, it was so prevalent that it was often called the " Kinta Weed". Kinta to refer to the place where the major tin mining operations were held during the colonial era. But to me what a beautiful weed. Welcome in to the garden.
Note the seed pods.

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  1. Oh, that is stunning. I would love to spend some time in your garden, I am sure it would have a profound effect on my well being.;)